Punctual Activities

Art'elier - Introduction to Sumi-e drawing

Introduction to ink drawing using the Sumi-e technique. Create a drawing that you can proudly take home.

Art'elier - Workshop Kumihimo

Making a Kumihimo bracelet: thread braiding technique.

Calligraphy workshop by Atelier Duvet

This workshop allows each participant to engrave a seal with his name in Japanese katakana characters. The seal is then decorated according to the taste of each participant. A personal and unique object!

Calligraphy workshop by Liying Huang

Calligraphy, the art of beautiful writing, was long considered the supreme art form in China, Japan, and Korea. This elevated status reflects the importance of the written word in East Asian cultures. A work of art represents the mind of the people who created it; the mind of the people was molded within the frame of the traditional philosophies and conventional ideas. You are what you write and you are the artist, enjoy the peaceful and beautiful with the art you will create.

Drawing Manga course - Cordeb'Art

On the occasion of Japan Impact, Cordeb’Art will be present to provide an initiation to manga character drawing. Whether you like to draw, you like manga or better, you like both, be sure you will be delighted to follow our activity. More information on our website: www.cordebart.com

Furoshiki - Francine Mancini, Livres et Voyages

Discovery of the world of furoshiki, a Japanese fabric that can be used to wrap, decorate, make bags and decorations.

Incense ceremony with Itsuko

The four important points for its realization are “wa” harmony, “kei” respect, “sei” purity, and “jaku” serenity. The idea of “ichigo chie” that each moment is a unique moment and each encounter is a unique encounter also explains the spirit of the tea ceremony. So come and share a moment of tranquility and admire an age-old practice.

Japanese lessons - Sophie Thomas

Sophie THOMAS is a Japanese language tutor since 2013 and the creator of the website Japanese language courses and the YouTube channel Sophie // Japanese language courses. She helps learners of Japanese find the best solution to progress, whether it is through the free content of her website and YouTube channel, or through her OBJECTIVE JAPAN online Japanese course. During this weekend at Japan Impact, come and learn the Japanese language and leave with your first name written in katakana! Yoroshiku ne!

Kimono ceremony with Itsuko

The kimono is the traditional Japanese clothing, worn nowadays mainly for special occasions (coming of age, wedding, …). The finest and most richly decorated kimonos can be exchanged for several thousand francs. During this workshop, we will provide you with real kimonos and help you to dress them. Indeed, to dress correctly a kimono is not as easy as it seems! It will also be an opportunity for you to take nice pictures in one of these shimmering clothes.

MaHo•Megumi - Caly

Artist-Author of the self-published indie comic “MaHo-Megumi”, Caly will hold workshops to create a small ink illustration using the wash technique (black/grey shade obtained by diluting the ink with water).