Buta Otome

A doujin music group, ButaOtome has been active since 2010. Musicians but also illustrators and designers, ButaOtome is a unique and colourful group. In 2017 through the Avex label, ButaOtome also made their professional debut with 「フルボッコ」. In addition to their own compositions and concerts all over Japan, they also produce tracks for various artists, games or anime and regularly collaborate with a number of projects.

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Etsuko Chida

Concert of traditional Japanese koto music

The koto is undoubtedly Japan’s most emblematic instrument. Originally played by the aristocracy, it has gradually been democratised, notably through its use as an accompaniment to Kabuki and Jôruri (or Bunraku) theatres. Its characteristic sound is reminiscent of the harp.

Etsuko Chida specialises in courtly songs.

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The Tokyo-based singer-songwriter debuted in September 2020 with his first single “The night and the lie”. His music video, shot in Valencia, Spain, became a hit not only in Japan but also around the world after its release, and recorded 1 million views on YouTube within 3 months. It charted at #1 on the iTunes Store J-Pop Top Albums in France, and at #1 on the Apple Music J-Pop Top Albums in Slovakia, Poland, and Ukraine.

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Iron Attack

IRON ATTACK! is one of the most popular melodic power metal band in Japan. Their CD sales is over 100,000 and their world concert tour was a success as they played in many countries like France(Lyon, Paris), Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Austria, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Thailand… and everywhere in Japan. The band has appeared in Japan Expo 20th with Yoshiki (X Japan).

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Komainu Yosakoi Lyon

Komainu Yosakoi is a French Japanese dance troupe. First performed on the island of Shikoku in the 1950s, ‘yosakoi’ combines traditional dance steps with energetic movements. The troupe invites you to discover its passion through dynamic performances and introductory courses. Come and dance with them!

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Natsumi Yuzu

Yuzu Natsumi is a singer and songwriter playing “shamisen”, Japanese traditional guitar, in a modern and in a traditional way. With her instrument and catchy rhythms, she introduces the beauty and sophistication of Japanese culture to the world, through traditional music and her original songs.

Although completely involved in her music, Yuzu is a versatile artist who devotes herself to many activities, from performances in live venues to the presentation of radio programs.

Yuzu’s activity first started in 2013 in Tokyo as a singer and a keyboard player. In 2014 she joined the show of Akim Funk Buddha, an art director from New York. This performance opened the door to the U.S. for Yuzu to fly there to make several music performances. Through her experience there she realized the importance of learning her own culture, and started training herself to become an international shamisen player and composer.

Since 2018 she has traveled all over the world with her shamisen, and performed in 16 countries, including the U.S., France, Iceland, Serbia, Thailand and India. This is her first time to come to Switzerland, and she is excited to share her love for music in Japan Impact!

At a time when audiences are looking for something new and different in a crowded musical field, Yuzu is certain to provide a sound that is quite unlike anything you have heard before.

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ReMi Taïko

Fancy some big Japanese percussion? That’s what ReMi Taïko is offering again during our next edition of Japan Impact with, as you may have guessed, a taiko concert!

This typically Japanese percussion instrument is used for matsuri, traditional festivals where the inhabitants of a neighborhood or village gather to celebrate together the various important moments of the year. The practice of taiko is comparable to a martial art in terms of the bodywork required to produce an excellent sound with it.

So, if you’d like to attend a taiko concert by a group that’s been practicing it for 15 years, come and see them on Saturday February 17 at 2.30pm in the Matsuri hall!

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Saturday evening concert

We’re delighted to announce the return of the Saturday night concert with ButaOtome and IRON ATTACK!! 🎸

These two bands, who specialise in their own interpretations of Touhou music, will be joining forces to round off your day on Saturday, so you can enjoy the convention a little longer!

Show Yosakoi - Komainu Yosakoi Lyon

Emerging in the 1950s on the island of Shikoku, Yosakoi combines traditional dance steps with energetic movements! Komainu Yosakoi is a French troupe specializing in Japanese dance. After their performances, they will offer initiation sessions for you to learn a few steps and dance along with them!

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