Duo Taku

“We live in a world where people have forgotten their favorite video and animated games, there is only one solution to find these memories, the T and K agents of the Taku Duo.

The Taku duo is an electro-acoustic duo in piano/violin formation composed of the violinist and singer Thibault Malon and the pianist/youtuber composer and arranger PianoKad, together, they take over music from video games and japanimation.

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Komainu Yosakoi

Appeared in the 50s on the island of Shikoku, this Japanese dance combines traditional dance steps with energetic and dynamic movements. Komainu Yosakoi is a troupe of dancers whose goal is to share and promote yosakoi with energetic shows, to transmit good mood. Following a demonstration, you can also learn your first dance steps through their initiations.

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MeanCat TV

MeanCatTV, musicians and streamers (Twitch Partner), fans of Japan and mangas, the band is formed by Ingrid (vocals/percussions), Patros (guitar/vocals) and Rémi (bass). The repertoire is mainly composed of anime OST covers (in Japanese and in French) and video game and series themes.

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ReMi Taiko

The ReMi Taiko group, based in Geneva, will introduce you to Japanese culture with a taiko (Japanese drum) concert. The taiko are used for matsuri, traditional Japanese festivals, where the inhabitants of the neighborhood or the village gather to celebrate together the various important moments of the year. This year the group is accompanied by MINA and Emmanuel Han on sanshin and Okinawan songs. Welcome to a musical journey through the archipelago!

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Understella is a Manga told in music, each song represents a new chapter of the story.

On stage, the work becomes a multimedia show with the projection of the Manga’s plates, 2D animations, as well as a musical narration performed by Rinch as a guideline.

This artistic fusion, dynamic and synchronized, offers a new experience to the spectators who can let themselves be carried by an illustrated story and immerse themselves entirely by the songs.

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Sawada Harugin (Shamisen)

The shamisen in Japanese rural music including the flamboyant style of Tsugaru-shamisen and Minyô, a rural style of regional songs played in matsuris, popular festivals held mainly during the Bon period (reception of souls) in summer.

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Photo credits: Ian Duncan Patrick


J-Pop singer Shiroku covers well-known anime music since 2006 and never fails to entertain her visitors with her outstanding voice and dance performances. In 2009 she started to produce with the label “Cyber Chord Records” several albums and singles and managed to secure a top 40 hit in the Japanese iTunes charts with her single “Bad Apple”. Since 2019 she also published albums with the Japanese label “HAF records”. Not only did she tour over Europe, performing in countries like Japan, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria and Lithuania, she gained fans all over the world (Mexico, Singapore, Japan, and Laos). Shiroku participated at cosplay competitions as well, and became one of the German representatives for World Cosplay Summit 2016 and the European Cosplay Gathering 2018, where she placed 2nd in the finals with her partner.

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