Martial Arts

Dojo Kempo Lausanne

The Lausanne dojo was founded in 2010 by Gilles Delaunay and is located in Prilly. This style of Kempo has several Dojo in the German part of Switzerland and one in Neuchâtel. Kempo is a Japanese martial art which originates from Shorinji Kempo. Founded in 1947 by So Doshin, it has its origins in the Shaolin temple in China. Very widespread in Japan, it counts more than one million practitioners throughout the world. Kempo is a set of self-defense techniques that can be used by anyone, in any situation and without any particular physical strength. The main objective of Kempo is to develop, through practice, individuals, both mentally and physically, so that they can best contribute to the well-being of society and be able to defend themselves.

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Dojo Waryu

Come and discover different arts such as iaidô, ju-jitsu or wakisashi! During Japan Impact, the Waryu dojo gives demonstrations to the general public to show its art and philosophy. All levels make a passage and techniques are explained.

After the demonstration, the Waryu dojo proposes a trial session to the public so that everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, can test and discover martial arts.

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Iarumas is a multidisciplinary martial arts club that teaches the biomechanical principles of the human body, based mainly on techniques and not on style. It is through a playful and original approach that we learn martial arts. Iarumas is active in the world of cinema and events for the creation and realization of stunts and the rental of accessories.

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Wa Rei Ryu Switzerland - Dojo Jouen

Kenjutsu and Battōjutsu are the Japanese martial arts most closely related to the sword. Whether katana or wakizashi, nodachi or tantō, any form of sword that was wielded by the samurai is included. Straddling the line between Zen and Shinto, with an influence that goes directly back to the legendary Miyamoto Musashi, Wa Rei Ryu continues this centuries-old tradition of sword art: come see us in action at Japan Impact!

…and after seeing our demonstration come and discover the art of the samurai sword by trying it out.

During two days you will be able to test, briefly and in a guided way, some basic moves and cuts (kihon waza) as well as codified combat situations (kumitachi) using bokken (wooden sword).

It will also be an opportunity to ask any questions about the samurai and their martial practice.

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