Comite 2023 - 2024

PolyJapan Committee

The PolyJapan committee is composed mostly of students and volunteers working to popularize and share Japanese culture on the Lausanne campuses. The main event of the committee is the organization of Japan Impact. However, the year is also paved with smaller events such as a manga market, the participation in various EPFL parties or the organization of anime screenings.

President - Gabriel Benato

Coordinates the activities of the different poles and is the main point of contact with the EPFL entities.

Treasurer - Arshwin Thayananthan

Manages the committee’s cash flow.

Vice-President: Animation - Julien Savary

Coordinates the animation pole which includes the persons in charge of providers, exhibitors, sponsorship, rally, cosplay and projections. He is also in charge of bringing in artists for concerts.

Conference and Guest Division

He is responsible for organising conferences on various themes and negotiating the attendance of experts from different facets of Japanese culture for various activities during the convention!

  • Josony Moreira

Convention Stand Division

She is responsible for negotiating with a number of service providers to offer the convention public a variety of stands on the theme of Japanese culture.

  • Alisa Greben

Food Stall Manager and Projections Division

He’s in charge of negotiating the arrival of the food stalls that will introduce you to Japanese specialities during the convention! He also organises anime and Japanese animation screenings on the EPFL campus throughout the year and is responsible for the films shown at Japan Impact!

  • Hamza Meel

Workshops and Activities Division

She is in charge of organising the various activity rooms and workshops by negotiating with our convention partners!

  • Martine Besse

Young Creator Division

Japan Impact encourages the development of artists as much as possible and this position is responsible for organising the arrival of several artists so that they can have a stand!

  • Quentin Blanchard

Sponsoring Division

He is in charge of searching, convincing and managing our different sponsors who help us in the setting up and financing of Japan Impact.

  • Timour Jestin

Rallye Division

The rally is an activity that takes place throughout the convention by means of panels in order to organize a fun and educational contest.

  • Ludivine Fausten

Cosplay Division

He coordinates the coming of our Cosplay guests as well as the setting up (in collaboration with the Z’hiboos) of the two Cosplay contests (Solo and group).

  • Maxence Calamand

Kawaii and Idol division

She coordinates the arrival of the juries and the organisation of the Kawaii and Idol competitions.

  • Jordanna Azib

Vice-Président: Promotion - Pomme

Coordinates the promotion team, which includes communications, graphic designers and the video team. She also takes care of the well-being of our mascot.

Communication division

They are in charge of animating our social networks, our websites and promoting the main events of PolyJapan and Japan Impact.

  • Eduardo Pereira
  • Antonio Marques
  • Jérémy Held
  • Charlotte Wahl

Graphic design division

She is in charge of the production of all our visuals for the social networks, the website and the different events organized by PolyJapan. She is also our main point of contact with the artist who design the poster for Japan Impact.

  • Tsuki

Video Division

He coordinates the video team which is in charge of filming the convention and making videos that will be used in communication and during the various staff recruitments.

  • Gregory Grandjean

Teddy division

He is our mascot and proudly represents our convention on the various posters of Japan Impact. He’s always there to cheer up the committees with his hugs.

  • Raï

Vice-President: Technical - Sébastien Briand

Coordinates the technical pole which includes the persons in charge of logistics, electricity, decoration, catering, staff, security, signalling, eco-impact and informatic.

Logistic division

They are in charge of covering all our needs for various materials, furniture, musical instruments or technical equipment for the concerts. The logistics team collaborates a lot with the EPFL entities in order to take advantage of the expertise of all.

  • Yanni Skawronski
  • Kemin Zheng

Electricity division

They coordinate and manage all our electrical infrastructure which must cover more than 20'000m2 of convention.

  • Lily Gilibert
  • Simon Malherbe

Decoration Division

She is in charge of transforming the austere corridors of the EPFL into an array of colors to welcome you in a warm atmosphere.

  • Agnès Sarbach

Catering Division

They are in charge of providing food to our guests and cooking for all our 300 volunteers during the set-up and the convention. The kitchen team is also very active during the multiple events organized by PolyJapan.

  • Alan Liesenborghs
  • Luna Palermo

Staff Division

The convention would not be possible without the help of the more than 200 staffs who participate in Japan Impact. The staff division coordinates, recruits, manages and organizes all these volunteers.

  • Owen Walker
  • Charlotte Pohier

Security Division

The security division is in charge of coordinating the security measures in the convention with the different EPFL services and our external providers.

  • Jean-Daniel Rouveyrol
  • Amélie Snow

Signalling Division

She is in charge of programming and displaying the signage both internally (inside the convention) and externally (how to get to the convention).

  • Laeticia Rusca

Eco-Impact division

It recycles and reduces waste resources, introduces the use of reusable consumables and promotes sustainability.

  • Wanchaï Grossrieder

Informatic division

They are in charge of developing and maintaining our IT tools such as our intranet or our store for buying Japan Impact pre-sales.

  • Khalil M’hirsi
  • Louis Vialar