Comite 2022 - 2023

0. PolyJapan Committee

The PolyJapan committee is composed mostly of students and volunteers working to popularize and share Japanese culture on the Lausanne campuses. The main event of the committee is the organization of Japan Impact. However, the year is also paved with smaller events such as a manga market, the participation in various EPFL parties or the organization of anime screenings and GO parties.

1. President - Jean-Daniel Rouveyrol

Coordinates the activities of the different poles and is the main point of contact with the EPFL entities.

1. Treasurer - Gabriel Benato

Manages the committee’s cash flow.

2. Vice-President: Animation - Hamza Meel

Coordinates the animation pole which includes the persons in charge of providers, exhibitors, cosplay, projections and rally.

2a. Service Providers and Exhibitors Division

They are in charge of inviting all our providers and organizing the different activities you can see during the weekend. They also have to organize the arrival of the many booths that will fill the convention.


  • Lea Siemann
  • Mathieu Labriet
  • Martine Besse
  • Zoé Leuba

2b. Sponsoring Division

He is in charge of searching, convincing and managing our different sponsors who help us in the setting up and financing of Japan Impact.

  • Jérémy Held

2c. Rallye Division

The rally is an activity that takes place throughout the convention by means of panels in order to organize a fun and educational contest.

  • Pyl Liu

2d. Cosplay Division

He coordinates the coming of our Cosplay guests as well as the setting up (in collaboration with the Z’hiboos) of the two Cosplay contests (Solo and group).

  • Eduardo Miguel Pereira Dos Santos

2e. GO Division

Go is an ancestral Japanese game. This pole coordinates the organization of evenings on the EPFL campus to introduce students to this game.

  • Anthony Ducret

3. Vice-Président: Promotion - Jordanna Azib

Coordinates the promotion team, which includes communications, sponsorship, graphic designers and the video team.