FAQ – Japan Impact 2024

How to register to workshops?

When will the next edition of Japan Impact take place?

The 15th edition of Japan Impact will take place during the weekend of February 17 to 18, 2024!

What is the theme of Japan Impact this year?


Can we already register as staff?

Thank you for your enthusiasm! =) However, registrations are closed.!

Is there a line up to announce our cosplay ?

Yes ! You can find it at the end of the info page about cosplay registrations😊

Where can I withdraw cash?

Two ATMs are available outside the convention.
There is a Post Office ATM on Avenue Picard and a Migros ATM at the "EPFL" stop on the M1.
Please note! The Crédit suisse ATM inside the convention centre no longer exists! You'll have to go outside to withdraw money!


Where is the convention located? Where can I park?

You will find all the information related to parking, access, and opening hours in the section: “Practical Information” → “How to come to Japan Impact”!

Is the convention accessible to people with reduced mobility?

Yes, the convention is fully accessible to People with Reduced Mobility (PRM).
In addition, you will find signage at the entrance of the convention indicating the location of the adapted accesses.
If your condition requires the presence of a third person, they can accompany you free of charge during the convention.

I want to wear a cosplay with a fake weapon, what are the limits of what I am allowed to bring into the convention?

Regarding permissions for recreational cosplays (outside the context of a contest), please refer to the following section: "Practical Information" → "Security"!

Can I leave and re-enter the convention?

Yes, it is possible.

Can I bring my dog to the convention?

No, animals are prohibited within the convention grounds. Only assistance dogs are allowed, provided we are given a written and signed certificate. If you are accompanied by your assistance dog and would like to benefit from a quiet place where you will be well looked after, do not hesitate to ask our staff or samaritans to take you to the infirmary with your dog, as access to the quiet room will be refused. In addition, for reasons of hygiene, assistance dogs will have to wait outside the infirmary while you are being looked after.


How can I buy my ticket?

You can buy your ticket online until the end of the event.
You also have the option to buy tickets on site, but sales will be limited!

I paid by Twint but I still haven't received my entry.

The time between ordering and receiving tickets is longer than for other payment methods. If you haven't received your ticket after 30 minutes, please contact our IT service.

Do I need to print my entry?

No, the digital version of your ticket is sufficient.

I'm not sure I'll be able to make it. Can I get a refund if something unforeseen happens?

Entrance tickets are not refundable. However, our online shop will remain open throughout the weekend, except in exceptional circumstances. Please note that 2-day ticket prices will be changed to match those of tickets purchased on site, approximately 1 hour before the convention opens on Saturday morning.

How can I take advantage of the various discounts?

You will need to show us official proof of your entitlement to a reduced fare (official identity document, student card, culture card, etc.). For documents relating to a disability, please refer to the Jap'accessible tab). Please bring a physical copy of your documents with you when you visit.

Health and care

Can I bring my picnic?

Yes, but be careful! Glass is strictly forbidden within the convention. Drinking fountains will be provided by the Lausanne water service. In addition, a picnic area is also planned.

Where is the infirmary?

The infirmary is on the ground floor of the CE building. To get there, go to the lift in the dark blue zone, which is next to the concert hall (Matsuri). Don't hesitate to ask our friendly staff for help!

We would welcome any information that would enable the doctor attending our convention to identify the nature of a seizure and which treatments are effective for you (card from an official organisation, medallion, single medicine kit, etc.).

In addition, for reasons of hygiene, if you own an assistance dog this one will have to wait outside the infirmary while you are being looked after.

Is there a quiet room, a rest area?

Yes, we have set up a calm and quiet room for anyone who needs a moment of respite.

Where can I find sanitary towels?

Hygienic pads are available in accessible toilets. The models vary from one cubicle to another.


From what age can one attend Japan Impact?

There is no minimum age to come to Japan Impact. Also, children under 7 years old have free access to the convention.

I lost my child at the convention, what should I do?

Please go to the reception or the Rallye stand, volunteers will be able to help you find your child.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that self-adhesive labels and pens will be available at these locations, allowing you to indicate your contact details on your child.

Can I bring baby food jars/bottles for my child?

Yes, however, containers and glass bottles are strictly prohibited.

Furthermore, we have set up a breastfeeding room so that you can feed your child in peace.

Is it possible to picnic in the family area or breastfeeding room?

No, a picnic area is however set up near the dining area.

Is there a daycare?

We have a family area where your children can do drawings and crafts under your supervision. We remind you that the accompanying adults remain solely responsible for their children! We do not have a daycare where you can leave your children unattended.

Can I drop off my coat ?

A cloakroom is available immediately after the entrance, see the [convention map](https://plan.japan-impact.ch)

Can I drop off my stroller ?

A space to park your stroller is at your disposal next to the cloakroom, at the entrance

If you have any other questions, you can contact our communication team by email or on our social networks. Have a great convention everyone!