Young Creators Booths

Agathe Gastaldi

Agathe Gastaldi sells her original illustrations in the form of posters, postcards, magnets etc. on the theme of Japan, nature and fabulous creatures in a colorful style. Watercolor illustrations on demand can be done on site. She has also illustrated with humorous comics, a book on the little quirks of cats “Why my cat does not like closed doors?” whose explanations and advice are written by an ethologist, Brunilde Ract-Madoux.

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Alberto Russo

Alberto ‘Sting’ Russo is a talented artist based near Lausanne. He excels as an illustrator and painter. His booth features a variety of original works including paintings, sketchbooks, maps and posters all made by himself. He will also be painting live in acrylics, so you will be able to witness the creation of his works in real time.

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Atelier Noriko

I am an origami and kimono remake artist living in German Switzerland. Enjoy my various origami decorations and accessories. Or how about a scarf with the feel of a silk kimono? There are also beautiful pouches with Japanese patterns. Everything is handmade and made with care for fans of Japan.

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With an increasingly refined line, BabaYiaga delicately joins a poetic world that tends towards wabi-sabi. The simplicity of her universe is now spread on the ceramics she produces in her Lausanne workshop.

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Baoabolen is filled with a world of adorable hand-crocheted stuffed animals, also called Amigurumi.

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Chez Johnson

Johnson is a turtle from an unknown world. He brings various objects such as posters or stickers and other strange objects. However, if you ask him where he comes from, he will offer you to scan a code to discover his world. If you are not afraid of the unknown, come and see him.

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Claire Delépée - illustrations

Freelance illustrator based in Nantes, France, Claire will gladly show you her fantastic universe of dreamy colors, populated by cute animals. Her sources of inspiration are multiple but her favorite muses are our big cats, that Claire spends a considerable time drawing. Come and meet them on her stand, accompanied by their fellow dragons, dog-beignets and crazy foxes!

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Pines fall for the bat! Collectibats offers collectible pins with a central theme of the amazing bat. These pins, stickers and art prints, designed by artist and tattoo artist Emma Freed, will amaze you with their chilling tenderness.

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Crazyworldofval is a sweet lolita designer in bachelor jewelry and accessories, with pop culture and Japan as inspirations! They are mainly resin creations, halfway between kitsch and kawaii, tinged with nostalgia, but all that matters is that it is as colorful as possible! The main objective is to provide accessories to all the people having an alternative look as well as to raise awareness on all the atypical styles.

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Denisse créatrice de mignonneries

Denisse offers illustrations and ceramics. When she combines the two, it makes pieces so cute that we would love to adopt them all. Such as funny bowls with animals on the bottom, pyrite vases painted with flowers and also illustrations.

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