Young Creators Booths


Baoabolen is filled with a world of adorable hand-crocheted stuffed animals, also called Amigurumi.

Chez Johnson

Johnson is a turtle from an unknown world. He brings various objects such as posters or stickers and other strange objects. However, if you ask him where he comes from, he will offer you to scan a code to discover his world. If you are not afraid of the unknown, come and see him.

Claire Delépée - illustrations

Freelance illustrator based in Nantes, France, Claire will gladly show you her fantastic universe of dreamy colors, populated by cute animals. Her sources of inspiration are multiple but her favorite muses are our big cats, that Claire spends a considerable time drawing. Come and meet them on her stand, accompanied by their fellow dragons, dog-beignets and crazy foxes!


Fluffish is a world of colorful chaos created by a fan of anime, cosplay, kawaii and other subcategories in the genre. Find stickers, notepads and other handmade creations and entirely Swiss Made ^^

Its Momosaki

Who is ItsMomosaki? Well… Momo is her, a young Swiss artist who has always lived in her own little universe inspired by manga and video games. At the moment, it’s mainly Genshin Impact and Valorant. She has been drawing since she could hold a pencil, according to her parents. Her dream is to be able to live from my works and to be here is a great honor for me! If you feel like it, come and see her little drawings!


Keynok is a self-taught artist who illustrates whatever comes to his mind. Fan of pop-culture & Japan, You will find at his booth mainly illustrations, original drawings but also full of various goodies! If you have a request for a custom drawing, don’t hesitate to ask him ( ・ω・)ノ.


Lidia Mathez, illustrator and author of comics, likes to create imaginary or pop culture inspired universes, very colorful, filled with softness and lightness! She has a passion for frogs and tulips which are elements that are often found in her drawings. She offers illustrations in different formats and also stickers, key chains and pins.

ly Boo

Ly boo, Lyne or Boo, she illustrates, embroiders and tells stories! She shares what she loves and what crosses her mind through her colors and her passions!

Mustard Family

Moutarde Family : two illustrators for children who love pop culture and video games.


ShinePaw, aka Nickol, is a Hungarian artist and product designer with a penchant for colorful animal and fantasy drawings. Her art ranges from complex illustrations to adorably simple designs. At her booth you will find lots of cute animal pins, stickers, keychains and art prints. She looks forward to seeing you at her booth!