Young Creators Booths


Aerinn is the author of the manga Chronoctis Express, a fantasy series with over 8 million views on Webtoon, and will be presenting the first 3 volumes in French. She’ll be signing your volumes if you’d like! You can also discover her peaceful, gentle illustrations of animals in beautiful natural or Japanese landscapes.

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Arqo & Sedeto

Arqo and Sedeto are two artists inspired by Japanese pop culture. Vtubers, anime, video games and original creations await you on their stand! Prints, key-rings, pins, collections of illustrations and much more… We also take drawing orders on the spot. We look forward to meeting you!

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Atelier Chanterelle

Hello! We’re Atelier Chanterelle, a small group of French artists and craftspeople. Our stand offers a variety of crafts, including ceramics, embroidery, illustrations and figurine sculpture!


Baobaolen is a world full of adorable cuddly toys crocheted entirely by hand and with care.

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Passionate about the Japanese culture for a long time, I create various products inspired by different manga, video games, or Japanese landscapes (including the beloved cherry blossoms known as ‘sakura’). Many items are handmade by me, such as stickers, bookmarks, notepads, and round badge-shaped pins.

Chez Noyer

Hello! I’m a Japanese woman working as a painter and calligrapher in Switzerland and France. My creations are a kind of sumi-e, in which animals, cartoon characters, etc. are represented. Ukiyo-e works and character collages. I also produce and sell handmade origami accessories that I harden with resin. I want this stand to be a place where visitors can experience the joy of creation, make new discoveries and take an interest in Japan.

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Pins go batty for bats! Collectibats offers a collection of pins centered around the intriguing bat theme. These pins, stickers, and art prints are envisioned in Lausanne by the artist and tattooist Emma Freed.

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d4star, a game designer, is passionate about creating characters that are not only cute but also devilish. Their art is influenced by nostalgic pop culture and the animated series that inspired them to become artists. Now they’ve launched a fashion collection with “Evil Bunny Totebag”, “Bubbleatea Dragon Hoodie”, “Psycho Frog Caps” and much more! Come and visit d4star, if you’re not afraid of cute animals!

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Denisse Créatrice de mignonneries

I’m Denisse Créatrice de mignonneries On my stand, you’ll discover a world of colourful, adorable and fun creations. From mugs to plates and bowls, all handmade. The originality of each piece lies in the delicate drawings and adorable animals modelled on the bottom of the bowls. As well as the ceramics, you’ll find original illustrations that combine poetry with a touch of humour. In short, Mon stand is a world of colour, cuteness and humour.

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EHE Goodies

3 artist sisters and their handmade goodies, including embroidery, crocheted cuddly toys and paintings on glass, fabric, canvas, …

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