You want to become a partner of Japan Impact? Have your advertisement in the official brochure? Or spread your brand through one of our many communication channels?

Don’t hesitate to contact us directly with your ideas and we will be happy to answer you and collaborate with you at sponsoring@japan-impact.ch

For example, it is possible to use 1/3, 1/2, 1, 1 double page, or a cover page of the official brochure, to have your logo on our posters, or various promotional means are still available on site. For your information, Japan Impact is the biggest event on Japanese culture in Switzerland with more than 9’000 visitors during our last edition. Each of our visitors is equipped with our official brochure which contains all the necessary information for the event. Moreover, our posters are present in all major cities in French-speaking Switzerland and we reach more than 5’000 people daily via social networks.

By using our means of communication, you are sure to reach a large audience with the same interests.

Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne

EPFL is our home. It is thanks to them that Japan Impact is born every year. Thanks to their logistic, financial and human support. We would like to thank especially the Mediacom department which accompanies us all year long in the organization of our events. Without them, nothing would be possible.

EPFL General Student Association

AGEPoly is the parent association of the various student commissions that animate the campus and which includes PolyJapan (organizer of Japan Impact). Like EPFL, we thank them for their financial and logistic support. They are the foundation on which we can build Japan Impact.


PolyJapan is the commission that organizes Japan Impact since 2009 and seeks to promote Japanese culture on the EPFL campus. It is also behind the first Polymanga, in 2005, which took place at EPFL.


Manga and Japanese goodies specialist in French-speaking Switzerland for more than 20 years and with two stores (Lausanne and Geneva) for a surface of nearly 300 m2, Tanigami is also one of the main supporters of Japan Impact. As such, we would like to thank him for his trust and for our partnership which still has a long way to go. You will of course be able to see Tanigami at Japan Impact.


We greatly thanks, Mobilis to help us in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. Thanks to them, this year it will be even easier to come to Japan Impact by public transport!


For 125 years, BERNINA International AG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sewing and embroidery machines. The products of the Swiss family-owned company stand for innovation and precision. But above all, they are renowned for their longevity. BERNINA sewing machines are used all over the world by people who are passionate about sewing, including cosplayers.

La Maison Rouge

Everything for your future cosplay projects! Very large selection of fabrics, haberdashery and sewing machines!
La Maison Rouge is the sponsor of our Cosplay contests and offers some vouchers in their shop at Satigny.

La Semeuse

For our coffee offerings, we can rely on La Semeuse, based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, to provide us with high-quality, locally roasted coffee. More on their website.


An online shop with a small store in the centre of Bern’s old town. Here you will find the most diverse brands of flexible primers. Flexbond, Plastidip, Gummidip or HexFlex. EVA and Poly Props Foam. Of course also all Worbla’s and a lot of flexible acrylic colours. With mamike.ch you don’t have to search anymore but find everything for your next cosplay project in one place.

Buy everything at the only cosplay store in Switzerland: mamike.ch.

Sponsorship : A cosplayer who participated in the solo cosplay contest but did not receive a prize will be chosen by Mamike’s managers and will receive sponsorship from Mamike for the year 2023. The godchild will be supported in his or her new project for 1 year with products, materials and workshops at Mamike to help him or her build his or her new cosplay.
Mamike sponsorises Japan Impact Cosplay and offers some vouchers and gears in their shop.


Official organizers of Japan-Impact Cosplay contests.

La Suisse Raconte

Cultural partner of Japan Impact since 2011, La Suisse Raconte is an association which proposes discovery offers around Japanese cultural heritage. Come and take a little break at the Hall-Kamishibaï, far from the hustle and bustle of the world, to listen and learn to read Japanese tales and legends told with the support of the Kamishibaï.


Japort SA is a Swiss company specialized in the importation of Japanese products. In particular, products under license from Japanese anime, manga or video games. Thanks to this partnership we have the possibility to offer you great prizes during the Kawaii contest, the Kakkoii contest and the rally « A bowl of Japan »!

El Tony

Mate tea from Argentina, freshly prepared from 100% natural and vegan ingredients.

El Tony Mate is everyone’s favourite companion: a cerebral stimulant for bookworms, a boost for night owls on the dancefloor and a refreshing drink for the young at heart. for night owls on the dancefloor, and a refreshing drink for sun worshippers. for sun worshippers.

Japan Embassy