Familly at Japan Impact

Family room

This unsupervised room is primarily for little adventurers. They will be able to rest from their quest for stamps, color their rally map or do small crafts under the watchful eye of their parent.

Room Shika, red area

Breastfeeding & diaper changing area

It is not always comfortable to breastfeed or bottle feed in the middle of a crowd, so we strongly recommend that parents use this room. The room can also be used to change your cherubs if you have the necessary supplies with you. Room Mochi, yellow area

Picnic Area

For your snacks, tables are available at different places of the convention, symbolized by the pictogram opposite. Picnics and beverages (except alcohol) brought in from outside are allowed. However, glass containers are not allowed. We thank you for using these areas only for refreshments. Eco Points are installed nearby to allow you to dispose of your waste in a responsible manner.