Familly at Japan Impact

Breastfeeding & diaper changing area

It’s not always comfortable to breastfeed or bottle-feed in the middle of a crowd, so we strongly recommend that you go to this room, which is reserved for them. You can also use the room to change your cherubs, as long as you have everything you need with you. For everyone’s sake, please keep it clean!


We see them, we don’t see them, we see them, we don’t see them… Follow the blue arrows through the convention to discover famous or unusual yōkai with our rally: “Chirachira! On the trail of the yōkai”.

Plunge into the heart of Japanese folklore with a trail full of enigmas and mysteries! Our explanatory posters featuring images and a QR-code leading to a video will guide you on your quest. While budding explorers collect the corresponding stamps on their coloring cards, the more perceptive will try to solve the riddles posed, by answering on their game cards.

To begin your adventure, head to the Rallye stand in the Violette zone, where you can pick up your adventurous equipment: game card, stamp sheet and textile label to ensure your children’s safety. Our team will be on hand to answer all your questions, provide you with everything you need and assist you if necessary.

Once you’ve completed your quest, bring your completed question card back to the Rallye stand for your chance at the prize draw. Many prizes await you, courtesy of our sponsors Tanigami, Japort, Editions Luciférines and Le prunier Sully. And don’t forget: the stamp card will become a precious souvenir of this adventure, with special thanks to @littlechisa (on Instagram) for her magnificent coloring!

Picnic Area

For your snacks, tables are available at different places of the convention. Picnics and beverages (except alcohol) brought in from outside are allowed. However, glass containers are not allowed. We thank you for using these areas only for refreshments. The bins will be replaced by Eco Points set up nearby to recycle waste. This year, crockery will be reusable, and collection points will be available.

Stroller Park

We know how cumbersome it can be to navigate the convention aisles with a stroller. That’s why we’ve set aside a dedicated stroller parking area near the checkrooms, at the entrance to the convention. So you can leave your stroller in peace for the duration of your visit.