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Kakkoii Contest 2022

2 January 2022
Photographer : Myriam Liardon of the Club Photo EPFL Take part in the Kakkoii contest (20th of February 2022) and put the audience and the jury at your feet by being like a rockstar or a famous actor the embodiment of cool! A Kakkoii person is a person with style that everyone envies and admires. The contest is open to everyone, regardless of gender or age! (We ask for parental permission for minors at the time of the convention). Here is the link to the regulations. It is imperative that you read it carefully before registering! Here is the link to register: https://forms.gle/XBv7FrXSmQwFdjwXA You have until February 9th at 23:59... Read More

Kawaii Contest 2022

2 January 2022
Photographer : Stéphane Genoux of the Club Photo EPFL Come and take part in the Kawaii contest and try to win the jury's and audience's heart: be the most adorable! Be so cute, that we want to give you lots of hugs! Be the most KAWAII of Japan Impact! The Kawaii style is everything cute and so adorable that you want to hug. Regardless of your gender or age, come and present YOUR version of this special Japanese style. Parental permission is required for minor participants at the time of the agreement. Here is the link for the regulation: https://japan-impact.ch/en/kawaii-contest-2022-rules/. It is imperative that you read this one carefully before... Read More


2 January 2022
Dates and registration The 2022 Kakkoii contest will take place on Sunday 20th of February 2022. The schedule will be communicated later.The registration is only via the official link here. It will end on February 9th at 23:59.The opening and closing dates of registration can change with no prior warning.You will receive a confirmation email within 3 working days after your registration.Please send us your files and signed documents before the 12h of February 2022 at 11:59 pm.Registrations follow a first-come first-serve basis as there are a limited number of registrationsContenders under 18 at the time of the convention must send us a permission slip signed and dated by their legal representative within 3... Read More

Rallye “A Bowl of Japan”

28 December 2021
The Rallye and its hunt for "SUTANPU" (stamps) is back at Japan Impact 2022! Search for the 8 unpublished sutanpu throughout the convention, learn delicious information about Japanese food, and challenge our questions to try to win the grand prize! Proudly show off your completed stamp sheet at the Japan Impact booth and you will receive a limited edition goodie in exchange!Need to rest? The Rai Room will allow children to colour their card and to make a little craft under the watchful eye of their companions ~Don't hesitate to go to the Goodies booth of Japan Impact to participate! It's free and for the whole family!(photo: Rally of the... Read More

Aluota Cosplay

28 December 2021
Aluota has been a cosplayer for almost 15 years. In 2017 she represented France at the World Cosplay Summit in Japan, where she won the best costume award. She participates in cosplay shows, performs solo and in groups during competitions, leads conferences, and has been a jury in France, Germany and Canada. She loves to create her costumes and accessories with passion, and to go into the smallest details in order to embody various characters from anime, movies, or video games. But what she loves most of all is creating performances, imagining a staging, conceiving dialogues, and going on stage in front of an audience! Meet Aluota Cosplay at Japan... Read More


12 December 2021
AKARA is a rock band composed of a vocalist and three musicians, each playing a traditional Japanese instrument such as a Koto (silk stringed instrument), a Sinobue (bamboo flute), a Nokan (a No flute), or a Tsuzumi (drum). We are happy to welcome them for a fiery concert on Sunday 20 February! In the meantime, watch an excerpt from their concert recorded during our Pocket Edition on our youtube channel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8F-IohTWmQ Read More