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4 August 2022
[Invité] YATUU is a comic book author since 2011. She has published 7 albums that speak with humor about societal facts that she needed to denounce. In 2018, she launched in self-publishing with her new comic Erika and the princes in distress": a warrior princess who saves princes in danger in a world dominated by women! The genders are reversed, no more helpless damsels, make way for strong and courageous women! Thanks to the support of many readers on both Ulule and Tipeee, the first two volumes have been released, accumulating nearly 8000 pre-orders, and volume 3 is in preparation! Yatuu, our second guest associated with Melectronics, will be giving... Read More

Cédric Baravaglio

4 August 2022
[Invité] During his extraordinary carrier, Cirkle participated to several unbelievable projects. He works regularly with the Disney studios, collaborated to trailer and video games music for «Star Wars IX», «Buzz l'Eclair», «Diablo IV» or «League of Legends». Cirkle will give a great conference about music composition in video games and movies on Sunday August 21st and signing sessions will be organized, thanks to our partner Melectronics, during the two days of Japan Impact! Read More


24 July 2022
[CONCERT] Kohei is a singer and songwriter born in Mishima, Japan. After moving to Tokyo, he sang and played in a band there for 7 years, before starting his solo career and moving to Europe in 2019. Since then, he has released several singles, a mini album and his first full-length album titled "No Regret". It features his popular songs "No Regret," "Summer Love" and "To Face Myself," all of which have their roots in his personal experiences. He not only performs with his acoustic guitar and creates touching melodies, but also offers exciting rock songs to set the mood! You will find Kohei at Japan Impact on Sunday August... Read More


24 July 2022
[CONFERENCE] If you're a fan of geek culture and pop culture in general, you absolutely must not miss MJ's conference (Fermez La - L'émission)! Mickael J is a movie youtuber, creator of the show CLOSE THE dealing with popular controversies and criticisms around pop culture, as much movies like Star Wars, TV series like Games of Thrones or video games like Last of Us 2. Always in the reflection and in the humor, and not hesitating to speak in depth of subjects, as much cultural as social. The theme of his conference will be the Marvel universe and Japan. Read More

Swiss Cosplay Family

13 July 2022
Swiss Cosplay Family is a group that gathers all active Cosplayers in Switzerland and promotes solidarity, friendship and passion for Cosplay. To date, there are more than 400 active Cosplayers on this group from all over Switzerland! The group was founded in 2012 by several enthusiasts. The main goal of the Swiss Cosplay Family was to create a very close community, where every cosplayer should help each other. You will find the Swiss Cosplay Family during Japan Impact. It will be possible to attend great demonstrations, from the creation of EVA foam cosplay to photo retouching, sewing and even discover how to style a wig! Read More

Come by public transport with Mobilis

7 July 2022
Come to Japan Impact by public transport with Mobilis ! The best way to reach the convention without any problem is undoubtedly with public transport. In order to reduce our ecological footprint and to facilitate the travel to the event, we agreed on a partnership with Mobilis. Thanks to this partnership, a day pass "Grand Lausanne" (Zone 11+12) is included directly with the pre-sale tickets on our website! More info on the Mobilis tarif system, here. How does it work ? When you reserve your presale, fill in your personal information (name, first name, age). We will then generate the Mobilis Day Card for you and add it directly to... Read More