Diane Georges & CO

Diane Georges & CO return to Japan Impact this year with a host of exciting activities. These include a conference on Hanafuda, an ancestral 16th-century card game popularized in the USA by Nintendo in the 1930s. In addition to learning more about this card game, Diane Georges & CO’s booth will also feature games against other players of the two Hanafuda variants: Hana-Awase and Koi-Koi.

Alternatively, try your hand at role-playing with the various immersive scenarios on offer:

  • “Ken to Shin”: a fantasy world inspired by feudal Japan, where magic and deities influence mortal destiny.
  • “Ryuutama”: a Japanese fantasy role-playing game, translated into French, inviting you on a marvellous journey into a world under the protection of dragons, where adventure is always the order of the day.
  • Call of Cthulhu": a role-playing classic, transporting you to Japan in the 1920s, where horrors beyond human comprehension await you. And many more magical worlds to explore!

Finally, let yourself be transported by Diane’s artistic universe at her stand. Admire her drawings and explore her imaginary worlds, guided by Diane’s boundless imagination.