As usual, this year at Japan Impact, we’re delighted to present a number of captivating screenings, including a Swiss exclusive never before shown in our territory. Prepare to be amazed by the magic of Japanese animation and filmography through three movies.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Makoto Shinkai with Suzume, a gripping tale of adventure. Follow Suzume, a courageous young girl, on her journey across Japan to close mysterious portals, the source of supernatural disasters. Accompanied by an enigmatic companion, she faces challenges that test her determination. This magnificent animated film combines fantasy, love and resilience, promising a breathtaking cinematic experience.

Discover The Lonely Castle in the Mirror for the first time in Switzerland. Follow the moving story of Kokoro, a teenage girl who, through a magic mirror, finds herself in a mysterious castle. Accompanied by other lonely souls, she embarks on a quest for self-discovery and friendship. This touching tale explores themes of isolation, acceptance and the courage to face one’s fears.

Alternatively, witness Izumi’s moving transformation in Shabon Dama. After a life of delinquency, Izumi finds refuge with Suma, an injured old woman, in a remote village. Initially motivated by greed, he is gradually accepted and loved by the villagers, awakening in him a desire for change. This Japanese drama explores themes of redemption, community and hope, in a powerful and moving narrative.

Join us this weekend for these three unique screenings in VOSTFR that promise to transport you through enriching stories and imaginary worlds.