Jeunes Créateurs

This year, Japan Impact celebrates the spirit of the Yokai by welcoming an array of young local creators, united by their passion for Japanese culture and boundless creativity. Get ready to explore enchanted worlds through works inspired by pop culture, fantasy, and Japanese folklore. 🌸

Among them, Elliot Gaudard, Kiseki-Chan, EHE GOODIES, Arqo and Sedeto, Faeh’s Art, PaperCalypso, and Aerinn are just some of the talented artists who will be present at Japan Impact. Together, they represent a range of local talent inspired by Japanese pop culture, video games, otaku culture and Yokai, the fascinating creatures of Japanese folklore, promising an exhibition full of discoveries!

You’ll discover a variety of works and products, from illustrations and watercolors to handcrafted jewelry, clay figurines, amigurumi creations, risographies, and much more. These artists showcase both traditional and modern techniques, offering unique, handmade creations. Something for everyone!

Don’t miss the chance to visit their booths, talk to the artists about their artistic process, or even let yourself be tempted by a personalized work of art. It’s the perfect opportunity to discover new talent and enrich your collection of art and unique objects!